Are your employees learning in the flow of work?

Published January 23rd 2019

According to thought leading Josh Bersin, a paradigm shift is on its way in corporate learning. Learning in the flow of work refers to the both formal and informal learning that happens during the individual’s flow of work. Learning will become a more and more integrated part of the individual’s work, and as Bersin points out: The employees’ ability to stay current and develop is the biggest reason for them to take a job – and the biggest reason for leaving a job. This emphasises the challenge of learning and development organisations and corporate trainers: You need to meet the company’s business development goals and at the same time enable the development goals and interests of the individual.

At Minerva Group, we think that for corporate learning to stay on track with the employees, it should facilitate the opportunity to access learning in the flow of work. There is no single, easy solution to this challenge but some of the important considerations should be how your infrastructure systems and content supports this: Are your systems up to date? Do they meet the individuals’ learning experience expectations? Does your content represent the creative variety of other information and learning sources and media? Are you considering and embracing both macro- and microlearning?

Take some time to listen and learn about Josh Bersin’s thoughts on the relevance and importance of learning in the flow of work.