Minerva partners with Fuse Universal

We’re excited to share the news that we have partnered with Fuse Universal.

By partnering with Fuse Universal, Minerva can help customers in Sweden improve engagement and drive performance through learning experience.

Above all, Fuse Universal is in the forefront of learning platforms that help improve engagement and drive performance. In addition, Fuse Universal plays an important role in re-thinking Learning & Development in organizations and business.

A growing need for a new learning mindset

For some time now, we have seen a shift in mindset concerning Learning & Development. From being a course and compliance training supplier, the function is increasingly seen as an important enabler. Learning & Development can help foresee needs, meet business goals and help organizations grow.

Moreover, we have seen a growing demand from our customers, and the market in general. Organizations want to improve individualised learning and development, and enable employees to share knowledge and expertise with each other.  

Additionally, these growing demands also affect learning providers, both internal and external. They are required to provide digital learning content in more various forms and with shorter production and publishing cycles.

We want to offer our customers in Sweden, and globally, the best tools and support to meet the demands and reach their goals.  

Fuse Universal is a perfect match

Firstly, with Fuse Universal, we can help our customers enable the move from push to pull strategies within learning. Secondly, we can help them enhance the use of video material as well as and facilitate and encourage social learning. Furthermore, the platform helps individuals take responsibility for their own learning and development. 

We’re delighted Minerva have become an official Fuse partner. We’re seeing innovation and interest from the Swedish market in next generation learning and this partnership increases the ability to serve clients locally. – David Wise, Global Channel & Alliances Director at Fuse 

Well-known thought leaders such as Bersin and Fosway Group recognize Fuse. They are one of the absolute key players in the learning platform area. Through this partnership, we’re adhering our vision of a world where continuous learning is a part of everybody’s life. In conclusion, we are proud to be able to offer this platform to customers in Sweden.  

Get in touch to learn more

Would you like to learn more about Fuse Universal and our partnership? Contact Christer Sandin for more information, or call us on +46 (0)8 588 015 80. 

You can also read more about our partnership with Fuse Universal here.