The power of localized learning content for global business

One of the major advantages of digital learning content is the possibility of reaching learners anytime, anywhere. For many companies, this is an opportunity to support global groups of employees and even customers with the information and education needed to perform job tasks or use and sell products. Translation and localization take this opportunity one step further.

Learners might very well not only appreciate but also actually increase their knowledge and skill levels faster and perform better when they can access information and education in their own native language. Furthermore, international companies often want to adapt information and digital learning content to local markets. All products might not exist in all markets, legal information might differ from market to market – or even cultural aspects of the information might need adaptation. There is no doubt that as more and more companies operate globally, the need for translation and localization of content increases.

AI and translation in L&D

Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing and has a huge influence on the translation industry in general. Artificial intelligence and translation tools are constantly improving, and a whole range of free and paid machine translation tools, such as Google translate and DeepL, are available. This means that the cost-efficiency of translation and localization is greatly improved, influencing also digital learning content and the world of L&D.

The KI Engine Translations in the FUSE learning platform, for instance, offers automated transcription of videos into nine languages with the ability to translate the content into 49 languages. Furthermore, automatic transcription enables automatic indexing, which again enables the learner to search for content and get fast and accurate results. Even all interaction between learners on the FUSE learning platform, such as for instance content comments, can be automatically translated.

AI reads transcripts and video subtitles, as well as converts comments and conversations, in the user’s chosen language. The results are multilingual conversations that happen seamlessly in-platform, which removes language as a barrier.

Fuse Universal

Check out this video, if you’re curious about Fuse’s AI-powered Knowledge Intelligence Engine.

One step further towards high-quality, flawless learning content

Though technology and possibilities are rapidly developing, and machines are getting smarter every day, there are still many advantages to manual translation and localization. You might not yet want to leave the translation of delicate information about technical details of your industry products or of detailed medical information about diseases to the machines only. Many international companies and brands look for thorough translation and localization of their formal digital learning content to ensure that local learners have access to high-quality and flawless content in their local languages.

A smooth translation process

We have developed smooth processes for all tasks involved throughout the years, cooperating with well-established translation agencies. Our translation project managers can help with every step of the process from the master version of the course or module to the final, local course versions. We also work with companies who use their own translation agencies, but still need help with the process of localization of learning content and handling translated course modules.

There are many possibilities and steps to take to ensure that your digital learning content is easily accessible and understandable for everyone in the workforce or other target groups. We can help you ensure that your investment in learning content is maximized and that your learners expand their knowledge and skills in their own language, to ensure higher business performance.

We can help you

At Minerva, we have a long tradition and extensive experience with translation and localization processes. We have helped many customers translate and localize their content into several languages, reaching target groups all over the world.

SKF provides courses about products, business, and sales to authorized distributors all over the world. Since 2003, when Minerva created SKF Distributor College, more than hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide have been educated and certified through course modules in more than 25 different languages.

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions or want to learn more about translation and localization. Read about our case studies here.