Will AI and technology replace HR and learning and development?

Published March 18th 2019

We hear a lot about technology such as AI and robots playing an increasing role in driving business growth and innovation. But as we surround ourselves with advanced technology and the possibilities of leaving decisions and actions to artificially intelligent machines, we believe that we will also create an even bigger demand for humanism and leadership.

In the annual report, Talent, Technology and HR predictions for 2019, Josh Bersin presents interesting thoughts and insights about an uncertain business environment for 2019. According to Bersin, AI is for sure one of the key technology drivers for 2019, but even more important is the continuous upskilling of employees in a world where trust, culture and the ability to lead in networks is more important than ever. With the workforce spectrum getting larger, organizations must be able to attract and motivate Gen-X and Z workers as well as people in their 50s.

This is reflected for instance in the increasing demand for individualized learning, which is something we see not only in reports from analysts such as Bersin, but also hear from our clients. More and more often, our customers ask us: How can we meet the needs of our employees for individualized learning and create an experience for personal development, which in turn helps us realize business goals? How can we build and use technology to support the need for individualized learning? Maybe you’re also asking yourself or your organization those questions if so, get inspired and learn more about future trends in Bersin’s report.