Environmental compliance e-learning for NCC

NCC is one of the leading construction- and property development companies in the Nordic region. The company focuses on the environment and sustainability in every aspect of its business. NCC wants to create awareness of its own effect on the environment. Moreover, the company wants to focus on business opportunities that arise from sustainable processes and projects.

NCC wanted an e-learning module to inform employees about environmental rules and policies. In addition to raising awareness and creating engagement, the purpose of the digital training programme was to meet legal requirements. All employees should know about environmental and sustainability rules and policies.

Minerva produced an interactive e-learning module. The module informs about environmental rules and policies. Furthermore, the module presents real life examples of sustainability projects and stories from the everyday working life at NCC. Every module chapter has test questions. In addition, a general test quiz ensures that the learners go through all mandatory content. The module is now mandatory for all NCC employees.

Does your company need environmental compliance e-learning?

Environmental and sustainability training is a legal requirement for many companies. Also, companies must be able to account for complying with laws and rules. In other words, environmental and sustainability training is often mandatory. Furthermore, business opportunities are growing for companies who focus on the environment and sustainability. Therefore, large groups of employees should learn about environment policies. For this, e-learning is often an efficient way to reach, train and keep track of employee compliance. If you are interested in environmental compliance training for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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