Strengthening the Essity brand TENA with improved online training

TENA is a brand of Essity and with over 50 years of experience, TENA is the world’s leading continence care brand. TENA offers a full range of absorbent products, services and solutions that are tailored to the needs of individuals, their families and healthcare professionals. With the TENA brand, Essity is at the forefront of developing products and services that help improve dignity and the quality of people’s lives. As a part of the work in becoming the global leader, TENA has developed digital online courses about incontinence products, skin care products and even the conditions that lead to the need of these products.

In order to strengthen the brand and meet the needs of the target groups, Minerva helped TENA to develop and modernize the online courses. Minerva proposed a re-think of the pedagogical approach, resulting in an update of design and layout as well as the interactive elements of a number of courses. At the same time, Minerva helped design a more attractive learning platform interface and a hosting and version handling solution for the administration of course translations.

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Provided services/techniques

  • LMS support
  • E-learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Gamification