Establishing a digital platform for continuous and social learning

Within fashion and retail, new things happen all the time. Seasons, styles and trends change, and brands launch new designs. To ensure continuous learning for subsidiaries and retailers all over Europe, Minerva Group helped an international clothing brand implement a digital platform for social learning. Together with the client, Minerva Group built and designed the digital academy with a “mobile first” learning approach. Now, the digital platform is a one-stop shop. This means that content is accessible to learners wherever they are. As a result, learners can log in and study on their daily commute or while working in stores.Tools for developing, managing, delivering and sharing

Tools and platform for social learning

Minerva Group helped find the right tools for developing, managing, delivering and sharing learning content. The clothing brand now continuously develops, packages and launches learning content for on-boarding, leadership development, product-, sales-, and service training to an audience of more than 1500 users. Thanks to efficient content management tools and a high engagement, employees at the clothing brand produced over 600 learning content units within the first year.

Content sharing and social learning

Furthermore, the concept of social learning has been realised. The clothing brand encourages learners to contribute to the learning channels by sharing their work through for instance videos showing visual merchandising and best practices from shop floors. Learning is an even more emphasized driver of innovation and improvement for the clothing brand.  

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Learning platforms for retailers, distributors and extended enterprise

Digital platforms for social learning can be an efficient way of reaching retailers, distributors or extended enterprise. Through digital platforms, you can reach your target groups with news, product information and education, while at the same time building your brand.

The Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience Platform (LXP) are key to learning delivery and end-user experience. We offer both cutting-edge systems and have the knowledge and experience to work within whichever environment you choose. You can read more about our offer here.

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