Fighting antimicrobial resistance with e-learning as marketing

With their marketing campaign, #Wound_warriors, Essity wanted to engage health care professionals in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. Essity asked Minerva to produce an informative and engaging e-learning course to support their marketing campaign and educate health care professionals. Raising awareness and engagement through education is an important part of strengthening the brand position of wound care products and generate qualitative leads.

We chose e-learning to provide an easily accessible and engaging way of communicating valuable information. The cooperation with Minerva was smooth and efficient, and we now have a high-quality product to help us generative qualitative leads in our Wound Warrior campaign.

Martine Versteeg, Digital Brand manager at Essity

Engaging learning experience to generate leads

Minerva produced a 15-minute e-learning module primarily focusing on the concept of Antimicrobial Stewardship. First of all, the module covers the development of wound infections, and how health care professionals can prevent and manage them. Furthermore, the module introduces relevant wound care products. Minerva produced the e-learning module together with a medical copywriter and the team behind the Wound warrior campaign. As a result of the collaboration, Minerva could synchronize look and feel with the existing campaign visuals and ensure a high quality and informative learning experience.

The e-learning module is now available for health care professionals who find their way to the campaign site. After that they can register for a free starter kit which includes the e-learning. Following the registration, Essity gets the opportunity to contact a qualified group of leads.

Efficient and smooth translation and localization

First of all, Minerva produced an English master version of the course. In addition, we also helped Essity set up an efficient process for translation and localization. With this process, Essity’s different markets can launch the e-learning together with the campaign in their local language. Translation and localization has been part of Minerva’s offering for many years. We have experience, competence and a great network to help customers with all steps of this process.

Did you know that antimicrobial resistance causes millions of deaths each year?

Research predicts that by 2050, antimicrobial resistance with be responsible for 10 million annual deaths worldwide. Interesting, right? This is just one of the things you can learn about in the e-learning course. If you want to know more about antimicrobial resistance, take a look at the campaign site, Wound warriors.

At Minerva, we learned a lot about antimicrobial resistance from this project. In fact, learning about interesting subject matters fuels our passion for producing digital learning content. Furthermore, so do the people and companies we meet and all the interested products, services and solutions they offer. If you need help with planning, producing and translating e-learning courses and other digital learning content, get in touch. We’ve helped many different customers – and we just love doing it. See some examples here.