Gaining competitive advantages through online learning

The lack of knowledge about certain conditions can easily become a drain on resources, cost and clinician time for Healthcare professionals (HCPs). Skin tears, is one condition where misdiagnosis and inaccurate treatment can lead to the development of serious wounds, and further complications. With an ageing population the number of skin tears is increasing, making the knowledge about the condition so important.

The need for education among HCPs

The global hygiene and health company Essity, identified the need for education about this condition, its consequences and treatment solutions. Being a progressive skin integrity expert and a competent medical partner to HCPs, Essity decided to empower HCPs with educational resources, helping them to manage the condition. The company turned to Minerva to produce online training on the topic.

Effective collaboration for the best results

In order to advance the project, Minerva utilized its agile approach and collaborated closely with the project team and subject matter experts from Essity. The learning content was carefully selected, and designed with the learning objectives in mind, making sure the learners would get as much out of the training as possible.

Our joint effort made it possible for the online training to align with the initial project goal.

The outcomes

After completing the training, HCPs can identify and follow the right procedures​ in skin tear management in order to facilitate wound healing. They can also choose the right products suitable for individual patient needs, and achieve the best results. 

Since the knowledge helps the HCPs become more efficient in their daily work, and provide better care for patients, Essity anchors themselves as an educational partner to the HCPs, gaining a competitive advantage on the market.

Next steps

As a next step, the e-learning will be launched into new markets to expand reach and increase the customer base. By promoting the training internationally, it’s possible to adapt it to linguistic and regulatory requirements of different regions. 

There are many possibilities and steps to take to ensure that your digital learning content is easily accessible and understandable for everyone in the workforce or other target groups. We can help you ensure that your investment in learning content is maximized and that your learners expand their knowledge and skills in their own language, to ensure higher business performance.

We can help you

By working close together with our customers, we leverage each other’s expertise, resources, and technology to create a seamless and efficient process. At Minerva, we have a long tradition and extensive experience with learning content, translation and localization processes. We have helped many customers to reach target groups all over the world.

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions or want to learn more. Read other case studies here.