Learning Content

At Minerva, we have the experience and expertise needed to help you with every aspect of your content need. We can help you produce learning content from scratch, or we can help you with tips and advice for producing your own content.

Content comes in many forms. We basically work with still or moving images, voice over and text to convey the subject matter and message in the most engaging and pedagogical way. In many ways, e-learning content looks, feels and sounds just like all other forms of content that we encounter in our everyday digital lives – and is accessible in the same ways. With the right and balanced blend of text, images, audio, animations, film, gamification and pedagogical principles we can turn your subject matter into a relevant and engaging learning experience.

We work with responsive design so that content is accessible from various platforms, smartphones, tablets and computers, to meet the needs of your organization and learners. Just like the rest of the digital world, we see an increase in the use of video and we’ve worked with both video production with external production companies and with video produced internally by our customers. No matter your timeline and budget, we can help you come up with an efficient content solution.

We work closely with your subject matter experts to decide on learning targets and gather base material. Content production is done by copywriters, art directors, instructional designers and developers who work in teams to create engaging content.

Our well-established production process ensures that content development projects run as smooth and efficient as possible from the initiating analysis phase to delivery and launch on your learning management system. Get in touch and let’s start producing!  You can call us on +46 (0)8 588 015 80 or e-mail Malina Andrén directly. We are happy to help!